International editions

Rhiannon's books have been published in many countries all over the world.

Country Books Cover Publisher
Catalonia Hex Catalonia cover Ediciones SM
China Hex
Hex: Shadows
Hex: Ghosts
Chinese Hex cover Chinese Hex Shadows cover Chinese Hex Ghosts cover China Film Press
Czech Republic Hex Czech Republic cover Mlada Fronta
Denmark Hex Forum
France Super Zeroes Castorman
Germany Bad Blood Germany cover Fischer Verlag, audio book Argon Verlag
Hex Germany hardback cover Germany paperback cover Arena
Waking Dream Rowohlt / Sauerlander
Italy Hex Italy cover Salani
Super Zeroes Italy cover Piemme
Japan Bad Blood Japan cover Shogakukan
Latvia Hex Latvia cover Petergailis
The Netherlands Hex Netherlands cover Sjaloom & Wildeboer
Poland Hex Poland cover Wydawnictwo WAB
Spain Hex Spain cover Editorial Cruilla
Super Zeroes
Super Zeroes on Planet X
Spain cover Ediciones SM
Sweden Hex Sweden cover Tiden
Hex: Shadows
Hex: Ghosts
USA cover USA cover USA cover Simon and Schuster
Lines in the Sand Disinformation Press


Rhiannon Lassiter's publications PDF (includes international editions information)