Bad Blood

Oxford University Press
First published in 2007.
ISBN-10: 0192754734
ISBN-13: 9780192754738
(UK paperback)

“Claustrophobia and bewilderment seeps through the pages of this highly charged thriller…”
The Times, 2008

In an abandoned house in the Lake District, a cupboard door opens into a playroom. Buried in dust is a collection of children's books in which the names of characters have been savagely crossed out.

Here three children played a make believe game, sacrificing their dreams and wishes to make what they believed come true. But the game was never finished and in the woods behind the house something waits, hungry for the only food it knows.

Now a new family has come to the house. Soon they will discover themselves in the game. But they do not know the rules. And they are the pawns, not the players…


  • Longlisted for the Guardian Prize 2008 (longlist of 8)
  • Longlisted for the Manchester Book Award 2008
  • Longlisted for the Angus Book Award 2008
  • Longlisted for Book Trust Prize 2008 (longlist of 16)
  • Shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award 2008
  • Shortlisted for Birmingham KS3 Chills Books Award 2009 (shortlist of 14)

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