Waking Dream

Macmillan Children's Books
SBN: 033039701X
(UK paperback)

Bethany's father is dead and her mother and step-father send her to spend the summer holidays after his funeral at Camomile House. This is the home of her uncle Sylver, her aunt Emily and her hated cousin Poppy who likes to imagine she's a witch. But not long into Bethany's visit a mysterious third cousin arrives.

“[Rhiannon Lassiter] turns to magic, with this gripping and terrifying story of three cousins bound together by something much deeper and darker than blood – their dreams.”
The Children's Buyer's Guide 2002

Together the three cousins share secrets, lies and dreams as they try to unravel the riddle of their parents' past that's invading their dreams. This is a story of magic, myths and mystery told from overlapping perspectives as the three cousins forge their way to the heart of dream…


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    Chapter One
    from The Book of Dreams, Bethany's Book