There Is No Night

There's nothing that says party like sneaking upstairs to make out in the host's bedroom and after a not-so-discreet interval you head off to find those bedrooms your girlfriend was talking about. You meet Anna at the top of the stairs and she beckons you into a room.

The two of you make yourself comfortable on a double-bed tastefully covered with a leopard-skin print throw and start improving the time. But after only a few minutes of fumblings you are interupted when someone throws the door open with a crash.
This room's taken!" you say, sitting up and then realise that the intruder is the red-headed girl who caught your eye earlier.

"You scum," she hisses. "You don't know what a mistake you've made in ignoring me." She kicks the door shut and grins widely, exposing gleaming white fangs. "Now it's dinner time... " she says menacingly and leaps on the bed with the two of you.

Although you struggle to fight her off she's stronger than you could have anticipated and soon the bed is awash with blood. Your blood.


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