There Is No Night

What Zack's said may seem unbelievable but it strikes a chord with you. "Okay, dude," you say. "Let's go find your friends" and the two of you leave the party together.

It's a short walk across town to the old warehouse where Zack's friends hang out. But when you get there it's obvious you're in the right place. A group of twenty people kitted up like commandos are hanging around inside and the place is stacked with pointy sticks, crucefixes, bulbs of garlic and what you can only surmise must be holy water.

"Hey there, Zacko," one of the group shouts out as you enter. "Glad you made it. The vampires are in town alright. That bloody dome means they can come out whenever they like. But we've found out where their lair is and we're off to trash the place. Are you coming?"

He looks at you both in a way that makes it clear you're included in the invitation.

Agree enthusiastically and start tooling up

Scarper as fast as you can from these crazy crazy people