There Is No Night

Being newly-made a vampire seems to have filled you with the milk of human kindness, will wonders never cease? Agreeing enthusiastically you head off to the vampires' lair to persuade them of the error of their ways.

The vampires are hiding out in a club on the edge of town called 'Dracula's Daughter' - subtle, eh? As you get near to the building you can hear shouts and screams. You continue on your path.

Inside the place is a battlefield, humans and vampires are locked in fearsome combat. The humans are armed with stakes, garlic and holy water. The vampires have only their supernatural strength and pointy fangs to defend themselves with.
"Everyone, stop!" Evaan calls out from the doorway. "Don't fight. This is wrong!"

Very few people seem to be paying attention but a guy go recognise looks up as he deep-sixes a vampire back into the melee with a flail of his crucifix. It's Zack. Your freaked-out friend from the party.

He takes one look at you and charges.
"Die, vampire scum!" he yells.

As the holy water cascades over you and Evaan you wrinkle up like prunes, rapidly dissolving to nothingness.


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