There Is No Night

It's not hard to believe her. There's blood everywhere. The luckless cigarette-smoking dude is a pulpy mess on the poolside and the babe you came out with has fangs.

"A vampire," you say, as she moves closer twoards you smiling in a very alarming way. "Well, that's... cool. You drink blood, huh?"
"Love it," Scar tells you, licking her lips. "And so will you."

Maybe you'd have liked more time for a major life-changing decision like this but when Scar's teeth sink into your neck and her arms hold you still with a powerful vice-like grip you tell yourself, as you sink out of consciousness, that being a vampire might not be all that bad. This vamp-babe's pretty sexy after all. Then you black out

You come back to yourself with a rich bitter taste on your lips and a swimy feeling in your head. Scar removes her bloodied wrist from your moth and you watch as the wound heels before your eyes.
"How does it feel to be one of the immortals," she asks you and you groan as you try to stand up.
"It's some trip," you tell her and she laughs again.
"Well tonight's your trial by fire," she tells you. "Tonight the vampires inherit the earth. Come on, let's go."

Blearily you follow her as she leads you out of the party and on to the streets. Up above you the artifical dome gleams with fake moonlight as you head across town to a club you've never seen before. The sign on the door reads 'Dracula's Daughter'. Inside the decor is dark and red and Scar pulls you along after her into a back room full of menacing-looking leather-clad types.
"My kin," she tells you in a lowered voice. "Yours too, now."

You look around at the assmebled company, noticing the fangs and snarls. They're vampires, sure enough. But you don't get much time to rubber-neck. Suddenly the door of the room is flung open and a group of people burst in yelling at the tops of their voices.
"Die, evil-vamp dudes!" someone yells and you recognise your sometime friend Zack. Then suddenly the room is a battle zone and Scar is thrusting a knife into your hands.
"Here's your chance to prove yourself one of us," she tells you. Then her eye fixes upon a newcomer to the room and she snarls: "Evaan!"

To your surprise it's the floppy haired guy from earlier. He's standing in the doorway with a pleading expression.
"Stop this madness!" he shouted. "Don't you see, humans and vampires can live together at peace. The dome gives us the chance..."
"Human lover!" Scar growls. "Get him!" and she hurls herself into the melee, charging directly for Evaan.

You try to follow her but the room is full of crazed humans with pointy sticks and some kind of water that shrivels up vampires like prunes. It's not easy to bypass this battle. But Scar and Evaan are now wrestling together as she tries to reach his throat and she turns to call to you:
"The knife, quickly!"
Her shout brings you to the attention of the humans and two of them turn towards you, waving crosses and garlic in a menacing way.