There Is No Night

"Oh shit," you say and run. Luckily your new vampire buddy is engaged in a tooth and nail fight with his red-headed adversary and you manage to escape this crazy party unharmed.

"Bloody hell," you swear to yourself as you jog off down the street. "Vampires. I guess that dome was a pretty bad idea really."

When at the next street corner you run into a group of peole dressed lilke commandos waving pointing sticks you race towards them eagerly.
"There are vampires in town," you shout in a crazed manner. "Vampires!" Then you take another look at the pointy sticks they hold and figure that maybe this isn't news to them.

A figure steps forward and you recognise your friend Zack.
"We know," he informs you. "We're going to the lair now to get rid of them for good. Come on, we can use another pair of hands."
"Uhh," you begin but it is too late. Someone is already thrusting a bulb of garlic into your right hand and a spritzer of water marked with a cross into your left.
"Let's go!" Zack yells in a gung-ho way and the group take off down the road.