There Is No Night

Reason will prevail? What is this guy on? You figure he's been reading too much poetry and you're not wild about the way he's squeezing your hand anyway. Deciding you've had enough, you bail.
"Wait!" he calls after you as you leave the park but you don't stick around to hear any more.

You jog on nervously through the darkened streets keeping an eye out for vampires and your heart pounds with relief when you meet a tooled-up bunch of stake-toting humans at the next corner.

"Hey, dudes!" you call out and they come quickly to meet you. "I'm guessing you know about the vampires?" you say and from the gang a voice you recognise pipes up.
"Sure thing," it says and you recognise your friend Zack. "We've located their secret lair and we're off to waste it right now. Want to come with?" He waves a string of garlic encouragingly.