There Is No Night

Well, he's immortal. He has floppy hair. He probably knows what to do.

You, on the other hand, are a brain-dead schlub. Off you go to the lair of the evil vampires to persuade them of the error of their ways.

The vampires are hiding out in a club on the edge of town called 'Dracula's Daughter' - subtle, eh? As you get near to the building you can hear shouts and screams. You continue on your doomed path.

Inside the place is a battlefield, humans and vampires are locked in fearsome combat. The humans are armed with stakes, garlic and holy water. The vampires have only their supernatural strength and pointy fangs to defend themselves with. Astoundingly the battle appears to be almost equal.
"Everyone, stop!" Evaan calls out. "Don't fight. Humans and vampires can live in peace together. The dome gives us the opportunity...." He stops abruptly and turns pale. Well, even paler.
"Traitor!" a voice snarls. It is a red-headed vampire babe stalking towards him.
"Scarlet!" Evaan glances nervously at you.
"That's right," the vamp-girl says. "And I'm going to finish you if it's the last thing I do."

She lanches herself at Evaan and he squeaks as he endeavours to fight her off. Around the room human and vampires are locked together in mortal conflict and you look around helplessly for help only to see a familiar face. It is Zack, the friend who was freaking out at the party. Looks like he wasn't quite so off the track as he seemed back then.
"Zack!" you yell and he turns to looks at you, wielding a stake in a menacing manner.

Luckily he seems to have classed you as human and his homicidal gaze moves on to the two combatants nearby.
"Ayyeeee," he yells and throws himself towards them, a couple of his friends following close behind. Uh-oh.

They look fairly lethal. Meanwhile Evaan is taking a beating from the red-headed vamp-babe. Do you...