There Is No Night

You attack floppy-haired Evaan. If you have to attack someone he looks like the safest bet.

Hurling your garlic at him you storm into the fight and he staggers and falls over giving you and opportunity to squirt him with the holy water.
"Arghhh," he screams. "I'm melting. Melting!"
Just like the Wizard of Oz.

Unfortunately you don't have much time to enjoy your victory on this most wussy of all vampires. Scarlet whirls and turns on you.
"My enemy!" she shrieks. "My vengeance!" Her mad eyes lock on you and she hisses: "You have deprived me of my revenge. Now you will die."

Weaponless and without aid you have little choice but to concur. The last thing you see is a set of gleaming white fangs.


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