There Is No Night

'Vampires', you think. 'What rot' and you back away from your crazy friend Zack. The red-headed girl's a babe and this gives you an excuse to talk to her. You saunter up, leaving Zack behind and say: "Hey sweetheart, you'll never believe this but that guy Zack thinks you're a vampire. Can you believe that?

"Really?" she asks, looking around for Zack. "That's so crazy."

"I know!" you agree. "What's your name, babe?"
"Scarlet," she says with a sexy smile."

"What a great name," you say inanely. "It sure does suit you."

"I know," she murmurs. "Come outside with me and I'll tell you what my friends call me..."

"Sure thing, dollface," you agree and follow her out into the garden, anticipating a fun time ahead. The only other person there is a guy smoking a cigarette who nods to you as you come out. You are about to nod and move on but suddenly the red-head leaps into action and slams the stranger up against the wall and sinks her teeth into his neck.

"Hey!" you begin to shout but then you freeze as she lifts he head up to look at you. The guy has gone limp and no prizes for guessing why. The red-head has ripped his throat open and blood is pouring everywhere...

"What's going on?" you manage to stammer and the girl sashays over to you.

"I'm a vampire, sweetheart," she tells you with a wicked grin. "My friends call me Scar... Now you have two options. One, you join me. Two, I have you for dessert."