There Is No Night

"Run!" you scream and as you take to your heels Evaan is not far behind you. Either Scarlet isn't much for running in her high-heeled biker boots or cowardice is the better part of valour. Either way you get the hell out of the party and end up on the streets.

Panting for breath the two of you stop in a little wooded park area.
"Geez," you say lamely. "This is turnign out to be some evening. What's with all this vampire stuff?"
"Since the dome replaces sunshine with artifical daylight the vampires have a free rein here," Evaan tells you. "It's happening all over the world."
You blink trying to take in the enormity of this and he goes on:
"I'm not with the other vampires," he assures you. "I don't want to take over the world." He gives you a soppy look. "There are good vampires too," he says. "We write poetry about how it feels to be immortal."

Reaching out he takes your hand and holds it.
"Wouldn't you like to be immortal?" he asks wistfully. "And spend forever with me?"

You were right about him seeming a bit gay.