There Is No Night

Some people go to parties to have fun - you're the kind who makes a bee-line for trouble. Although everyone else is attempting to avoid Zack, you head straight for him and ask him what the problem seems to be.

He quietens down a little and looks furtive. Then he beckons you into a corner and says:
"Okay, man, you might not believe this - but there's some bad stuff going down in this town. All kinds of people have been attacked recently and most of them haven't lived to tell the tale. I was lucky enough to escape though - so I know something the police haven't released yet... All of the attacks have had something in common."
"Oh yeah?," you ask cautiously. "And what's that then?" His reply is almost unbelievable.
"Vampires!" he says, fixing you with an intent stare. "The attacks show all the characteristics. Blood loss, neck wounds, the works." He lowers his voice again to add. "And think someone at this party's one of them."
"Who?" you ask automatically.
"The girl with red hair," he whispers. "But don't ask her about it. Look, I have some friends who study weird stuff like this. I'm going to take off and go and find them. You can come with me if you want..."