There Is No Night

I don't know what it says about you that you head off to talk to the one guy you have pegged as obviously gay but head over to him you do. He's been keeping out of the way of most of the party-goers but he smiles dazzlingly at you as you approach him and says: "I was hoping you'd come over. My name's Evaan and there's something I need to tell you."
"Sure, dude," you say. "What is it?"
"Not here," he says, with a look of alarm. "Come into the TV room, there's no one else there."

You follow him into the TV room and sit down next to him on an old leather sofa. He leans close to you and says quietly:
"Listen, this may be hard to believe, but please trust me. I'm telling you this because I like you. I'm a vampire!"

"Say what?" you ask but before he can continue the door is suddenly thrown open and the girl with the red hair comes charging in.
"Scarlet!" Evaan says and stands up quickly. "Stay back!"
"No way, you traitor," she snarls, revealing gleaming white fangs. "You human lover... You and your friend are dog-meat, get it?" Then she launches herself at the two of you.