There Is No Night

You arrive at the party! Adam is a great mate and there are always interesting people at his parties. The alcohol is flowing freely and people are eating those giant submarine sandwiches which you only seem to get at really good parties.

You look around the house for someone interesting and fun to chat to. It would seem there are a lot of possibilities. But the most obvious are:

A guy you vaguely recognise called Zack seems to be in the middle of some enormous freak-out about being attacked. People are not paying him much attention but he is still yelling and causing a fuss which means you can hardly fail to notice him.

A really attractive girl with long red hair wearing black leather grabs your attention. She is dancing in a flirtatous way and lots of people are watching her. She catches your eye and smiles.

A very tall guy with pale skin and floppy hair who you also vaguely recognise is leaning up against the fridge in the kitchen. He isn't talking to anyone right now but looks as if he could be interesting company. But he also looks as if he might be gay.

Of course, there is also your girlfriend Anna. She is wearing a very slinky little blue dress and comes up to you flirtatiously. "There are lots of spare bedrooms," she says. "Meet me upstairs in five minutes and we can make some use of them."